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Chippewa SAFETY TOE Boots 



Chippewa Composite Toe Pull On 55171

Chippewa Men's 55171

10" Composite Toe Pull On  


Chippewa utility boot 26330

Chippewa Men's 26330

Men's 8" Utility

Steel Toe / Insulated






Chippewa Men's 25217

Men's  8" Composite Toe Utility



$255.95 - Sale Price $190.00

Chippewa Composite Toe Lace-Up 55161

Chippewa Men's 55161

6" Composite Toe Lace-Up





Chippewa Logger Boots

Chippewa Men's ALDARION 8 INCH BLACK LOGGER | Chippewa 55058

Chippewa Men's 55058

8"  Logger

Waterproof / Comp Toe / Insulated








Chippewa Men's 73020

8"  Logger  

Steel Toe







Insulated Waterproof Steel Toe Chippewa 73050

Chippewa Men's 73050

8" Logger

Waterproof / Steel Toe / Insulated


Chippewa waterproof steel toe 73060 

Chippewa Men's 73060

8" Logger 

Waterproof / Steel Toe / Insulated


Men's 73040 Insulated Steel Toe Golden Tan Logger

Chippewa Men's 73040

8" Golden Tan Logger

Steel Toe / Insulated


Chippewa Men's 8" Steel Toe Brown Logger | Chippewa 55025

Chippewa Men's 55025

8" Logger 

Steel Toe / Insulated


Chippewa SOFT/PLAIN TOE Boots

Chippewa Lug Sole 24951 

Chippewa Men's 24951

Men's 8" Golden Tan Leather

Insulated Soft Toe / Lug Sole




Chippewa Men's 24514

6" Golden Tan

Waterproof / Insulated


Golden Tan Smooth Sole

Chippewa Men's 24952

Men's 8" Golden Tan  Leather

 Insulated and Flat Apollo Sole


Chippewa Soft Toe Lace-Up 55160

Chippewa Men's 55160

6"  Soft Toe Lace-Up


Chippewa Soft Toe Lace-Up 20065

Chippewa Men's 20065

6"  Soft Toe Lace-Up


$179.95 - Sale Price $130.00

Chippewa Motorcycle Boots









Chippewa Black Rally 27862

Chippewa Men's 27862

12" Black Rally *No. 1


$265.95 - Sale $210.00




Chippewa Trooper Boot 27950 with shiney polishable leather

Chippewa Men's 27950

17" Shiny Leather Trooper









Engineer Boot 71418

Chippewa Men's 71418

17 " Steel Toe Engineer


$314.95 - Sale $285.95

Chippewa Snake Boots

Introducing Chippewa's Newest Snake Proof Boot

Chippewa AE5034 Water Proof Safety Toe Snake Boot

Chippewa Men's AE5034

17" Leather Safety Toe Waterproof Snake Boot





Men's 17 inch cordura nylon and leather waterproof snakeproof Chippewa 25110

Chippewa Men's 25110

17" Pull-on Snake Boot Waterproof and Snakeproof     




Chippewa 23922 Zipper Snake Proof Boots Chippewa 23922 with Zipper Back for Easy Entry 

Chippewa Men's 23922/23923  

17" Zipper Snake Boot


Chippewa 23913 Snakeboot

Chippewa Men's 23913

Cordura Snake Boot


$289.95 - Sale $235.00

Chippewa L23913 Ladies' Snake proof boots

Chippewa Women's L23913

Ladies Cordura Snake Boot


$279.95 - Sale $230.00

Chippewa Men's 23938

17" Eastern Shore Zipper in Back Snakeboot Guaranteed Snakeproof


Reg. $257.95 - Sale $160.00

GameGuard Snakeboot from Chippewa - The Number One Name in Snake Protection

Chippewa 25119

Men's GameGuard Barbary Brown Snake Boot


Reg. $279.95 - Sale $200.00

Square Toe Chippewa 25115 Snake Proof

Chippewa Men's 25115

18" Square Toe Snakeboot Guaranteed Snakeproof


$299.95 - Sale $200.00 

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   Chippewa Boots Work Boots Steel Toe Snake Proof Boots Motorcycle Boots Loggers from Chippewa Chippewa Boots has been creating footwear based on simple, fundamental rules. Most importantly, they use only the best materials, the best construction techniques and the most innovative technology. The result -- unquestionably the best boots around.

Chippewa started with only logger boots in its product line. Constructed of double and triple leather midsoles and hand-plugged outsole spikes, the logger boots were designed to assist loggers as they rolled the logs down the rivers to the mills.For more than 100 years Chippewa boots have been a tradition in the logging industry Based on that state-of-the-art boot, Chippewa gained a reputation for quality and began expanding the product line to include more boot categories.

The past century has brought significant changes in the need for quality outdoor work and sport footwear. Chippewa Boots continues to add new products to its inventory to meet the needs of its loyal following. As part of the Justin Brands, Inc. family, quality and craftsmanship continue to be the leading guides in its development, just as it has been for the last 100 years.