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Slips and falls are the leading cause of job-related injuries. Take control with Wolverine DuraShocks® SR slip resistant boots and shoes. Get through the workday in comfort and safety.

Wolverine DuraShocks® SR boots and shoes hold on to the ground while absorbing shock and stress to prevent fatigue.

Durashock SR Soles give lightweight comfortable walking platform

• Compression pads in the heel and forepart of the outsole compress under pressure to absorb shock and stress. Unique compounds in the outsole lugs increase traction. An advanced tread design gives a high surface area of contact and channels liquid away from the surface area.

• A 90 degree heel provides “bite” in the walking motion.

Lightweight dual-density construction weighs one third as much as rubber, yet absorbs four times the force.

• Compression pads in the heel and forefoot of the outsole compress into the outsole to dissipate forces before they reach the feet and legs.

• Closed-cell polyurethane footbed construction retains its spring for an extended life cycle.

• Wolverine’s exclusive dual-density polymer pads in the removable full cushion footbed absorb energy and shock.

                  Dura Shock Technology from Wolverine Boots

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